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Giving generously back to our communities and the customer’s who support our stores is a fundamental element of Quinn Sports Management’s business philosophy.

As a franchised member of FGL Sports a large portion of our budget is committed to support Jumpstart, a program that subsidizes underprivileged children to be able to participate in organized sports. For more information on jumpstart please visit http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca.

Each year QSM contributes an additional $250,000 to the following charities, community events and associations: The Special Olympics, The Canada Games, The Montreal Children’s Hospital foundation, Société pour les enfants handicapés du Québec, St. Mary’s Hospital, Centraide, The West Island Palliative Care, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, École de Ski Rod Roy, the West Island Women’s Shelter, the Blackout Race, the Lachenaie Hockey Association, The Laval hockey association, the Boisbriand / Blainville Armada, over 20 Community hockey tournaments and 10 community golf tournaments.

Due to the significant number of requests we receive and our established commitments and partnerships, we are only able to be involved in a limited number of additional events. The criterion below has been established to provide a clear understanding of our requirements and priorities in order for a donation or sponsorship request to be considered.


The event or sponsorship is sports oriented and/or promotes a healthy active lifestyle.

The event or sponsorship gives back to the community on a broad scale. Individual athletes or teams will not be considered.

The event or sponsorship fits within our budget capabilities and schedules.

The event or sponsorship increases our exposure and promotes our stores.

The event or sponsorship will be held within the community where at least one of our franchises is located.

The request is presented by loyal customers to our stores or by associations with whom we have an established partnership.


Requests must be sent by email at least six weeks prior to the commitment date to the following address commandites@groupeqsm.com . Please do not phone the office or the stores, messages will not be returned.

All of the following information must be clearly included in your request:

• Brief description of your group, company, organization.

• Name, address, phone/fax number and e-mail address of the individual or group making the request.

• Description and location of the event and how it meets our criteria.

• The type of donation or sponsorship being requested and how this contribution will be used.

• A brief outline of how the event is being promoted and communicated to the target audience.

• Description of the immediate and long term benefit that our stores will receive for our participation.

Please note: Our Hockey tournament and Golf tournament sponsorships are currently full and we will not be accepting additional requests at this time.

If the donation or sponsorship request covers a broad area or is not taking place within our community please contact our head office directly. For more information please refer to the FGL sports corporate website at http://fglsports.com

While we hope to be able to respond to everyone, due to the sheer volume, we may only be able to reply to those requests that meet all of our criteria and are considered.

We thank you for your interest in Quinn Sports Management and our family of stores.